You Should Write a Book; Jumping in With Two Feet.

Everybody has that one friend, right? The one who has the most ridiculous stories, you wonder how they could possibly be true? Well, I’m that friend.  The stories of the crazy things that happen to me are endless, and more and more (after peeing their pants from laughter) my friends tell me I should write a book.  Well, how about a blog instead?

The thing is, I wonder if I subconsciously choose challenging situations, which then result in the crazy stories.  For example, I chose to marry a man with a daughter.  Step mom stories?  Yep, I’ve got them.  I also chose to be a School Counselor‚Ķin a Middle School.  Really? I’ve got middle school stories too.  How about adding a toddler to the mix? As I write this I have a 16 month old who is discovering his personality‚Ķand some days I hope he discovers another one.  You want to commiserate in toddler hood? I’ve got those stories too.

So join me as I navigate working a demanding full time job, step momming a pre-teen and momming a toddler.  I hope on your difficult days you find company, but more important I hope you laugh at my adventures.  This will be a new challenge for me, but like everything else I supposed I’ll jump in with two feet.

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