My Favorite Podcasts and Why

I’ll admit it, I am a bit of a newbie to the world of podcasts.  I can’t remember what exactly got me started being interested in them, but I know I was a bit late to the game.  I do know that I started listening about two years ago, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one of my favorite was the first one.  

I have always enjoyed listening to audiobooks, and in this stage of life much prefer listening to reading.  I like that I can continue to move and do things, while I “read”.  I struggle to sit down and read a book these days, and much prefer to listen while accomplishing something else.  Entering the world of podcasts felt like the world of audio listening opened up even more for me.  With podcasts, the story doesn’t end.  A new episode airs regularly, and since I pick the podcast it is most likely on a topic that I enjoy.  Once I realized how mesmerizing, and perfect for my personality podcasts are, I quickly developed a list of my favorite go-to’s.

The Mom Hour

If you are a mom and haven’t discovered this podcast yet, I strongly recommend stopping what you are doing and go subscribe right now.  Meagan and Sarah are moms to kids ranging from young school aged to grown.  They are knowledgable in all phases of mommy hood, and hilarious to boot.  They have funny stories, advice and in-depth conversation on all things mom.  They also have regular guest spots and interviews with some truly remarkable women.  

Typically you will get a couple of episodes a week, some as quick as 20 minutes, and others lasting up to an hour. If you want more than that you can always follow The Mom Hour on Instagram and join the Listener Group on Facebook. 

Big Life Kids Podcast

This one is more about my kids than me, but I absolutely love the messages my children learn from this podcast.

The Big Life Kids Podcast is designed to pair with the Big Life Kids Journal.  If you are unfamiliar with the journal, I strongly recommend checking it out for your children.  My own are still a little young for it, but I use it regularly with my students at work.  Through self-reflection students learn how to be resilient, self-aware, and to develop a growth mindset.  

The podcast can be listened to in conjunction with the journal, or as a stand-alone.  Right now we are listening to it by itself, with the idea to do it with the journal when they are a little bit older.  We travel with Leo and Zara around the world in the Believemobile and listen as they work through challenges, and learn important lessons about character.  They also do a great job of incorporating real life listener stories to reinforce the lessons that they are trying to teach. 

Didn’t I Just Feed You

I first learned about this awesome podcast through Meagan and Sarah at The Mom Hour.  In Didn’t I Just Feed You professional chefs Meghan Splawn and Stacie Billis discuss real-life food challenges and victories with their families.  

Listening to these two professionals discuss the same challenges that the rest of us have regarding meal prep, kids and cooking for a family is refreshing.  Add in learning tips and tricks of the trade to make the every day food prep easier, and this podcast has become a life saver for me in many ways.  

Meghan and Stacie deliver it all with a sense of humor, and a recognition of reality vs. being in a professional kitchen.  It has become my go to dinner time podcast, as I hope it becomes yours as well.  

NPR Lifekit

If, as a parent, you have not yet subscribed to NPR Lifekit, you need to do so immediately. I was first introduced to this podcast through a co-worker, and I am incredibly thankful.  This is the instruction manual that you have been looking for, and each topic is presented in a fun and engaging manner.  

Every episode tackles a difficult topic in parenting, and walks you through how to handle it with evidence based information and experts on the topic.  In conjunction with the experts from Sesame Street, hosts Cory Turner and Anya Kamenetz keep it light while sharing real life stories from their parenting adventures.  

Recent episodes include How to Talk to Your Children About Sex, How to Help a Child Struggling With Anxiety, Kindness Can Be Taught and What Cookie Monster Taught Us About Self-Control.  Episodes are typically released once or twice a month, and are designed to help tackle difficult issues that today’s parents are facing on a daily basis. 

One Bills Live 

Now, this podcast is a complete curveball, and is a specific niche not relatable to everybody.  I am, however, including it, as my reasoning for listening to it is an important lesson to moms and working professionals.

I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan, and hosts Steve Tasker and John Murphy keep me updated on all things Buffalo Bills, with amazing guests and a sense of humor.  Episodes are released every week day, after the show airs on it’s mother radio station WGR 550.  After each episode I feel up to date with all things Buffalo Bills, and a deeper part of the Buffalo Bills community.  

I fully recognize that this is not podcast that is an interest to most working mom’s and mental health professionals.  The lesson here is that it’s important to find something that you enjoy just for you.  This podcast has nothing to do with my life as a mom, or my professional mental health career. This podcast is just for me, and it has become an important part of my self-care routine.  

Honorable Mention-Career Mom

I would be remiss not to include this brand new podcast in my list of favorites.  At the time of this writing host Jenny Elliott has five episodes under her belt, as she takes a deep dive into the issues that Working Mom’s face.  She addresses challenges and joys face on, and hosts conversations with other working mom’s on these topics.  She is off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see where she heads next!  You can find Jenny on Instagram @careermompodcast

Listening to a podcast can become a very low key way to practice self-care.  It does not require the same commitment level as a good book, can be listened to on the go, and you can catch up on your time.  By finding topics that are interesting and engaging to you, you can continue to grow and learn, even if it’s only on your commute to work every day!  Find these podcasts wherever you listen to your podcasts. Leave a comment to let me know what your favorite podcasts are, so I can expand my listening library!! 

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